Important Others

Pegasus Stables has a great team behind it to ensure the smooth operation of the yard. From work riders through to yards persons eveery role is integral to our success.

Important Others

Frances Chaloner

Frances is the gardener at Pegasus and has a lot of work on her hands. We have lots of future plans. She is very keen on her 10k and parkrun events.

Scobie Coogan

Scoobie comes most evenings to check if we need anything for the yard which we mostly do. He is an expert in koi carp and goes to Japan to judge them. He is also big into Amateur Dramatics and also has a great singing voice.

Adam Curtis

Adam has been the farrier at Pegasus for three seasons now and is doing a great job. Adam comes from a well respected family of farriers who have been in Newmarket for ever.

Yarmy (Stephen Dyble)

Yarmy is Newmarkets own Horse Whisperer. He is brilliant at getting young horses into the stalls and problem horses.

Carolyn Hayward

Carolyn has taken over the running of the hostel and is soon to be cooking breakfasts for all who work at Pegasus.

Sarah Jenson

Gary Singh Khakhian

Gary and his brother Peter have been coming every February to do the horses teeth since almost James started. Amazingly the horses do not seem to mind the contraption being put in their mouths and their teeth filed.

Nicky Rutter

Nicky has been coming to Pegasus for about ten years now she is the daughter of the late Andy Andrews who was head lad at Michael Stoutes when James was assistant trainer. James learnt a huge amount from Andy and he has also passed some of his talents on to his daughter.

Simon Waterhouse

Pegasus Stables vet and a partner at The Newmarket Equine Hospital. He says likes the friendly atmosphere of the JRF yard.