Pegasus Stables has a great team behind it to ensure the smooth operation of the yard. From work riders through to yards persons eveery role is integral to our success.


Jacko Fanshawe

Jacko is married to James and is responsible for entertaining owners, cooking breakfast and updating this website on a regular basis! She loves cooking and having people round for lunch or supper.  She is very happy that she now has her own hack, TARZAN, and is able to ride out with the string again.  TARZAN was bred and is owned by Sara Cumani.  Jacko is also responsible for  the FRED ARCHER RACING horses and partnerships.

James Fanshawe

James's hobbies include mowing the lawn and getting perfect stripes. He collects first editions written by Sir Walter Scott, Ernest Hemingway, Graham Greene, Anthony Trollope, W. Somerset Maughan and John Steinbeck as well as collecting them he also enjoys reading them. He loves reading Elmore Leonard and has now started to collect him  .He has a pretty extensive collection of (mostly awful) music.  His favourite holiday destination is South Africa. On television he enjoys things like The Bridge, Shetland, Vera and good detectives. Very recently he enjoyed War and Peace, which he really has read so knew exactly what was coming next.

Tom Fanshawe

Tom is very keen to race ride and has taken out his amateur licence.  He spent from the begining of November 2014 until Grand National day 2015 with Donald McCain before coming back to work with James for the flat season.  He is a good judge and rider and a jolly good asset to have around.  Among the horses he rode regularly in 2015 were THE TIN MAN, LORD GEORGE and SAM MISSILE.  He is spending three months from February until the end of April with Christophe Clement in Florida.